A Bit About Sammy’s Wild Game Grill:

Stop by Sammy’s Wild Game Grill and give your taste buds a special treat today!  Don’t be afraid, take a step towards the “Wild side” of life.

 At our restaurant you can experience Burgers, Sausage Dogs, Sandwiches, Tacos, Empanadas, Kebabs and Salads unlike anything you’ve ever sunken your teeth into before.

There’s so much to love about wild game, and here at Sammy’s wild Game Grill we are committed to bringing you only the finest exotic meats the world has to offer. We offer guests a choice between both a standard and a “seasonal” menu.

Our selection includes rarities like: Antelope, Venison, Elk, Bison and Water Buffalo. For those feeling even more adventurous, we also offer: Yak, Wild Boar, Pheasant, Duck, Lamb, Kangaroo, Camel and even Python Snake Chili.

Our menu is always changing, and as always all of our meats are natural and farm-raised! We use high quality meat products free of growth hormones, antibiotics or preservatives.

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Even More to Love about Sammy’s Wild Game Grill:

  • Our restaurant is set in a cool and causal atmosphere. You can come dressed to impress or in your Pajamas, we’ll serve you either way, and always with a smile on our face.
  • Most of our meats are from local Texas raised animals!
  • If the meats aren’t local like Camel for example, they come from somewhere cool like New Zealand or Australia.
  • On top of being friendly and fast, our staff is knowledgeable, so if you’re ever stumped: ask us we know our stuff!

Seasonal Eats

If your new to Sammy’s or if you’ve become one of our regulars we always offer our patrons a wide variety of “seasonal meats”. You never know what you might find, it’s like playing “Wild Game Roulette”. In the past we’ve offered delicacies like: Alpaca, Llama, Caiman, Ostrich and even Iguana.

Stuff to Drink too!

Our bar offers a wide selection of craft beers both local to Texas and some from around the world for you to try. We also offer both red and white wines. Ask a staff member and we’ll help you find a beverage that will pair perfectly with your wild game.

So, Whats the Big Deal with Wild Game Anyway?

Wild Game Meat introduces diners to exciting new gourmet flavors, while also providing a healthy eating alternative to the usual fare of poultry, pork or beef. Wild game is higher in protein than anything you’ll find at a regular restaurant and it’s also lower in fat and cholesterol. It is also higher in Omega 3s which have been shown to benefit both your heart and help with mental conditions like depression. Plus it tastes pretty darn good too!