Give your taste buds a special treat. Step in to the Wild side and experience Burgers, Sausage Dogs, Sandwiches, Tacos, Empanadas & Salads at a higher level. Sammy’s wild Game Grill is committed to bringing you only the finest exotic meats, including Antelope, Venison, Elk, Ostrich, Bison, Water Buffalo, Python Snake, Yak, Wild Boar, Pheasant, Duck, Lamb and many other all natural and farm-raised game meats. We use high quality meat products free of growth hormones, antibiotics or preservatives.

Most of our meats are local Texas raised animals except for a few such as Camel & Kangaroo which come from Australia.

We also offer a wide variety of seasonal meats that are not always available such as Alpaca, Llama, Caiman, Iguana & Camel.

Our bar offers a wide selection of craft beers that will pair perfectly with our wild game.

Wild Game Meat brings exciting new gourmet flavors, while providing a healthy eating alternative to the usual fare of poultry, pork or beef.

As an added benefit, wild game meats are extremely high in protein and low in carbohydrates and cholesterol.

Sammy’s also offers a wide selection of craft beers and a few 1/2 bottles of wine to choose from